Rosy Tomorrows Red Wattle pork for sale

Rosy Tomorrows Red Wattle pork for sale

Our heritage breed Red Wattle pork is now available and ready for you to purchase. These pigs are fat and healthy from foraging on our organic pasture grasses plus our proprietary blend of certified organic non-GMO, soy-free whole grains like oats and barley, along with generous splashes of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. This is the highest quality, pastured raised pork free of antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides and hormones.

If you have never tasted red wattle pork – now is your chance. The tender, moist and complex flavor is described by Zingerman’s as ‘rich, herbaceous, even a little sweet’. We currently sell our pigs by the whole, half or quarter. You buy a portion of the animal and our butcher breaks it down into all the familiar cuts from pork chops and ribs to shoulder and bacon.


Animal sizes do vary, so please let us know what quantity of meat you are looking for, and we can advise you of our best match.

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