Restaurant and Events

We are open Thursday 10am – 3pm, Friday 10am – 9pm, Saturday from 11am – 3pm and Sunday 10am – 3pm.

We serve lunches on these days that are seasonally based and showcase the bounty of our farm. You can enjoy a wholesome meal in our lovely dining room, overlooking our pastures. Reservations are required. The menu for each week is sent out on Wednesday with our weekly newsletter ( sign up here ).

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As we are a membership based farm, admission to the farm is $10 for adults and $7 for children over 5 years of age (free to annual members and their guests). Join us for lunch or brunch and skip the admission fee. While you’re at the farm, you can eat lunch, buy organically-raised and pastured meats, eggs, 24 hour fermented yogurt, freshly baked sourdough bread and prepared items.

Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm hosts unique seasonal events that take place in our elegant restaurant on our 100 acre farm in North Fort Myers. The restaurant is our space for fresh and fantastic culinary and educational adventures – or a fantastic venue for your next special event, party, wedding or lunch.  We are happy to cater for events of 50 people or greater –  join us to celebrate, to enjoy, to discover, or to simply relax and appreciate our local, sustainable cuisine. If you would like to discuss your next event with us, please get in touch with us at or call us at (239) 567-6000.

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Pet notice

As dog lovers ourselves we know how much it matters to bring your dog out with you.  But pets are not allowed on the farm. 

Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm respectfully asks that you leave your dog at home when visiting. We will ask you to take your dog home if you come to the farm with a dog.

Farm animals can spook easily and strange dogs can stress and terrify some of the farm animals. Remember, at the farm there are chickens, turkeys, cows, donkeys, and pigs.  Dogs not used to these new animals and unfamiliar smells (along with the large crowd) may get excited and unpredictable. 

The rules are in place for good reason – for your protection as well as your dogs. Thanks for your cooperation.