Provision Day

We love welcoming our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members to our farm!  It’s a chance for us to show you around the farm, and for you to meet all the animals. Our Saturday Provision Days are a great way to get to know your farmer as well as stock your pantry with delicious, organically raised and pastured meats, eggs and heirloom produce, available exclusively for our ‘Friends of the Farm’ CSA members.

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Available to purchase on most Provision Days:

100% Grass-fed Beef
Pastured Red Wattle pork
Organically-raised and pastured Red Ranger chicken
Farm Fresh pastured eggs from our organically-raised chickens
Healthy To Go items
Organically-grown produce
Vegetarian and Vegan selections
Organic, House-made Freshly Baked Bread
Organic Spices: Rosy’s Meat Rub, Rosy’s Paleo Salt and Specialty Vinegars


  • This past Wednesday, I was pleased to have been able to be there for your first luncheon/meal offerings, and it was so very good. My friend Anna, who is so vigilant in watching out for MSG, was pleased to know you would never have, use or even consider it …..  and as for me, I ate my heart out!Dennis Brown
  • Had a wonderful time at the Farm, ate lunch, bought many items of the food chain and will return as often as possible.Audrey Murphy
  • I was fortunate enough to visit your farm last week for lunch.
    LOVED IT!Jennifer Holloway
  • I visited your farm yesterday and WOW, what a fantastic place you’ve created!! Beautiful concept, beautiful barn, beautiful grounds, and beautiful food!! Jennifer Sweet
  • The boys loved the farm and I am so impressed with everything you are doing.  The barn/kitchen facility is absolutely beautiful.   All of your hard work is amazing and it is so refreshing to find a farm of your stature locally.Paige Hildenbrand