Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm CSA Membership is $100 per household.

What’s It All About? Let’s talk benefits and why you should consider joining.

With your “Friend of the Farm” membership contribution to Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm’s CSA model, you’ll be part of the historical preservation of our unique and hard to find heirloom produce varieties and heritage livestock species grown and bred specifically for their flavor and health benefits.

While you are getting exclusive access to holistically raised livestock and local, fresh in-season produce, you are also getting the opportunity to get to know the farmer who actually grows your food. No worries for you about the end of Country of Origin Labeling – you’ll know exactly where your families’ food comes from.

Here’s the Highlights of Membership:
  • You get 10% off on all your Marketplace purchases. Hands down, the best way to save all year long.
  • You can preorder your selections for Market Day visits. Please feel free to check out the newsletter items and send an email and let us know what you’d like and we will save it for you. We offer all selections to members first, then to the public. Many of the more popular items sell out regularly. Reserve your favorites!
  • You get your organically-raised and pastured meat custom cut any way you’d like! Special orders don’t upset us! Crown Roast of Pork, Skin-on Pork Belly, Thick sliced Bacon, Thin sliced Bacon, Bone-in Porterhouse Pork Chops, Beef Short Ribs, Super Power Beef with Heart and Liver, Thick Bone-in Ribeyes, Tri-tip Steak, Dinosaur Beef Rib Chops…we can do it all!
  • Because we butcher all our own meat, you also have exclusive access to our butcher. Make an appointment and stop in to meet the butcher and make your special requests.
  • Access to the farm is free for members.
  • Bring Guests for Free. We charge $10 for all adult non-members and $7 for children – but not for guests of members. (Please remember to RSVP to let us know you are bringing in guests and arrange to meet your guests at the same time.)
  • You get exclusive access to pick up provisions from Tuesday to Saturday. Just give us a call first before heading out.
  • Our regularly held wine and beer tastings are free for members.
  • You receive a beautiful and roomy Rosy Tomorrows EcoFriendly Shopping Bag!
Click here to join our CSA

We thank you for your support for our mission!