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Visit for Free in May!

Join us for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays throughout the month of May and skip the $10 admission fee! We are open from 9 until 3 Thursday and Friday and from 11AM till 3PM on Saturdays. We publish our weekly menu on our newsletter on Wednesday - sign up here. Our lunches are seasonally based and showcase the bounty of our farm. Stay and enjoy a wholesome meal in our lovely dining room, overlooking our pastures. We have selected wines available by the glass, or purchase a bottle of any of our wines to enjoy with your meal.  

NBC2 Investigation: Is farm-to-table really from the farm?

Southwest Florida restaurants are jumping on the newest menu trend of farm to table, but how do you know what you're getting is really fresh and local? Chances are you've seen a menu promising its part in this farm-to-table social movement, a way for you to know where your food came from. How do you know if you're actually getting what's advertised? That your farm-fresh ingredients weren't actually shipped in from other parts of the country? From chickens to cows to pigs, even a full garden, Rose O'Dell King's Rosy Tomorrow's Heritage Farm spans 100 acres in North Fort Myers. "We strive to be able to feed our community all year long." ...

Osso Buco

Osso buco, translated to "bone with a hole" is much more than its mundane name suggests. Here at the farm we can't get enough osso bucco! Inside that "bone hole" lies vitamin packed marrow with a luxurious texture and rich flavor, outside is melt-in-your-mouth tender beef. This particularly decadent cut of meat is traditionally flavored with mirepoix and bay leaf and topped with the herb and oil mix, gremolata. We thoroughly enjoy this modern version of the recipe, accentuated by tomatoes and white wine. The fat tissue in bone marrow is a great source of the hormone adiponectin. Recent studies show this particular hormone aids in the break down of ...

Farm Focus: Mizuna

We have completely fallen in love with Mizuna, a delicious and nutritional powerhouse. Tender frond-like leaves, it is peppery like arugula, milder than endive or frisée, and it adds delicious depth to green salads, especially those that include slices of fresh apple or pear. Their flavorful leaves are delicious topped on a pizza, stacked on a grass-fed burger, or tucked into a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s terrific in a stir fry or sautéed with garlic, ginger and mushrooms. Mizuna is one of those vegetables that a lot of people haven’t tried but it’s easy to use and a great addition to any meal. Mizuna is a mild tasting Asian green that ...

Fried Duck Egg Sunny-Side Up

You already know how to cook an egg, don’t you? You’re going to want to try this method we learned from Chef John Besh.  He was speaking with Lynne Rossetto Kasper on A Splendid Table. This simple technique is all about the flavor and innate deliciousness of a good old-fashioned, organic farm egg.   If you are lucky enough to get some duck eggs from us, this is the method we use to pay homage to these big, rich delicacies. Duck eggs are a phenomenal treat prepared this way but this technique works great with any farm-raised egg. Fried Egg Sunny-Side Up ……..by John Besh as told to Lynne Rossetto Kasper   When you ...

Did you see us on WINK News?

Enjoy post-Thanksgiving festivities at Rosy Tomorrow’s Heritage Farm Chef Scott showed easy side dishes you can make for Thanksgiving using local produce from all the farmers markets around town. John Trierweiler WINK News loved the roselle cranberry sauce!

In SWFL, a completely local Thanksgiving

We were featured in the News Press by reporter Anne Reed, showcasing all the local option for thanksgiving. Here's what she had to say about us: HERITAGE PORK It's not always about the turkey. At Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm in North Fort Myers, the organically raised and pastured 100 percent Red Wattle pigs are in higher demand than previous seasons. Ham and other cuts of the humanely raised and harvested pork are available year-round. This holiday season, owner Rose O'Dell King and her staff are offering a few special items, starting with whole-roasted hogs. "We are doing a lot of whole pigs," O'Dell King said. "People seem to be ...

We’re on TV!

Rose O'Dell King was featured on WINK News - talking about the farm, our food and Friday dining.

Farm Fresh for You

Our Farm was featured in Gulfshore Life Magazine! Their article by Cayla Childs is a round up of the options to bring the best Southwest Florida meat and produce to your table.

For the love of lard!

Our farm was featured in The News-Press! Read about lard and leaf lard at Rosy Tomorrows, why it's healthy for you, easier to use and less expensive than olive oil.  See how we make it!  Thanks to The News-Press reporter Annabelle Tometich for letting folks know about this fat we all thought was bad for us, but is actually one amazingly healthy fat.